1.5a Revelation Lists

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Revelation lists are a technique created by Justin Alexander. You can read all about them in his article Using Revelation Lists.

The basic summary is that there’s a whole load of ‘things’ to be discovered during an investigation. Most importantly are the Concept Solve revelations, which are pieces of key information gained by carrying out the investigation. They are the important clues to understanding exactly what is going on.

Then there are the Scenario Solve revelations, these are all of the different parts of the investigation (typically places and people) and the clues that point to each of them. They help you actually discover the Concept Solve revelations.

Keep in mind these Revelation Lists are to be used alongside the Revelation Lists in Justin’s Vanthampur Revelations (from LEADS (THE SCENARIO SOLVE) onward) as both sets of murders are occurring simultaneously. Yet remember that until the Outer City Murders are solved Baldur’s Gate is sealed off and the PCs will have a difficult time entering.

Concept Solve

These are the key pieces of information the players are expected to uncover during the Outer City Murders.

  • The killers are worshippers of the Dead Three – Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul.
  • The recent victims were all refugees trying to get into the city, but unable to afford it.
  • The murder victims are all from Elturgard. Even the previous killings were people who once lived there.

Scenario Solve

These are the clues which lead to each of the ‘nodes’ (places and people) involved tied to the investigation.

It is important to realise that the clues under each node are what lead to that node and not what clues are found there.

Refugee Camp

  • Simple observation. The camp is right next to Basilisk Gate!
  • Flame Zodge (Basilisk Gate). The Flaming Fist know that the latest victims have all been from the camp.
  • Jentha Allinamuch (Smilin’ Boar Tavern). She feels sorry for all the Elturians. First something happens to Elturel, then they get denied entrance to Baldur’s Gate… now they are being murdered!

Flame Zodge/Basilisk Gate

  • Refugees (Refugee Camp). The refugees are worried and are desperate for Flame Zodge and the Flaming Fist to do something about it.
  • Marsaadi Woodsoul (Refugee Camp). Wants heroes to solve the murders and knows that the Flaming Fist must have some information.
  • Baldurian Citizens (Stonyeyes, Norchapel, etc.). All the locals know of Flame Zodge and the Flaming Fist investigations. He is known for being one of the few ‘good’ Flaming Fist commanders.

Smilin’ Boar Tavern

  • Flame Zodge’s briefing (Flame Zodge). If the PCs agree to be deputized and investigate, he tells them to speak to Jentha, the halfling owner of the tavern in Norchapel.
  • Rumours of killings (Refugee Camp). The refugee camps are abuzz about the killings. Everyone knows the bodies are being dumped in the alleys behind the Smilin’ Boar Tavern in Norchapel.
  • Nobody goes to the Smilin’ Boar (Stonyeyes, Norchapel, etc.). The local citizens all avoid the tavern due to the murders, yet everyone is talking about it.

Hamhock Slaughterhouse

  • Ankheg Acid (Candulhallow’s Mortuarium). All of the victims have ankheg acid burns across their entire back, including back of their head, legs, and heels. It is somehow under their clothes, which are untouched. Hamhock’s it the only place which will slaughter Ankhegs.
  • Staking out the alleys (Smilin’ Boar Tavern). When the next corpse is dumped the PCs have an opportunity to either capture and interrogate the cultists or follow them back to Hamhock’s.
  • The Sickle Man (Mad Morgane). A local vagrant, Mad Morgane swears she saw “The Sickle Man” and is convinced the fiend must be loyal to the accountant at Hamhock’s – the killings started not long after he took over the position, and he is always reading strange occult tomes.
  • A PC is targeted (Assassination Squad). If they become known to the Hamhock’s Slaughterhouse cultists either as threats or as people with ties to the Elturian Knights, the PC(s) may be targeted by an attack.

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