1.5b Outer City Murder Victims

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There have been six victims over the past two-tendays. Each body was found in the alley behind the Smilin’ Boar Tavern.

The first victim Laurens Ulin has been interred in the Cliffside Cemetery, while the second, Mien Kaas, was buried at Shrine of the Suffering. After the first two victims Flame Darmin Zodge got involved and ordered the further bodies to be preserved at Candulhallow’s Mortuarium until the investigation is finished.
The day number in brackets is how many days before or after the date of the PCs arrival at Basilisk Gate. For example, in my campaign the date of arrival was 1494-08-15, so Laurens Ulin was killed 1494-08-08, -7 days from that date.

An Intelligence (History) check can be made to try and find out more information about the victims, as some are either famous themselves or their family is. Just have each of the characters roll one single check, gaining all information of their result or higher.

Outer City Victims

  1. Laurens Ulin (-7 days) – Resident of Norchapel. A famous elf who was a Hellrider, now interred at Cliffside Cemetery.
    • Intelligence (History) DC 5: Laurens Ulin is a famous elven Hellrider who slayed many monsters – legend says he was part of the Last Charge of the Hellriders – but he always denied the rumour saying he was not that old. He was ancient and retired last year and moved to Baldur’s Gate.
  2. Mien Kaas (-6 days) – A pauper of Stonyeyes whose family was outcast from Elturel 50 years ago, interred at the Shrine of the Suffering.
    • Intelligence (History) DC 15: A Hellrider who was suspected of treason during The Night of the Red Coup. There was not enough evidence to hang him for treason, so he was exiled from Elturel for his alleged betrayal.
  3. Kornelia Zeedyk (-5 days) – Girl in her late teens who was just leaving Baldur’s Gate.
    • Intelligence (History) DC 10: Presumably, the granddaughter of Wöllem Zeedyk, an Order of the Companion knight known as “the hero of Boareskyr Bridge” famous for losing an arm trying to defend High Overseer Bellandi from bandits. Bellandi died, but a handful of her retinue lived due to Wöllem’s bravery.
    • GM Background: Kornelia was originally on the Poison Poseidon’s list, but was changed to be killed by Hamhock Slaughterhouse as she was leaving the city (see: Letter to Pasque from Yignath)
  4. Ina Pohle (-3 days) – Refugee who is distantly related to an Order of the Companion knight.
  5. Adriaan Linden (-2 days) – Refugee, brother of Pitt. Both have a father who was quartermaster of the Order of the Companion during its founding.
  6. Pitt Linden (-1 days) – Refugee, brother of Adriaan. Both have a father who was quartermaster of the Order of the Companion during its founding.

Additional Victims

If the killings are not stopped, the following people are also murdered. If the alley behind the Smilin’ Boar Tavern is compromised, they will start dumping the bodies randomly in Stonyeyes and Norchapel.

  1. Lor Sprik (killed ‘today’, her body is still in Hamhocks Slaughterhouse and will be dumped the night the PCs arrive) – A Knight of the Order of the Companion who helped escort refugees toward the city.
  2. Betje Baert – Her great-great-grandfather was a Hellrider.
  3. Nes Taffe – His grandmother was a Hellrider.

Dara’s Refugee Victim: You may wish instead to have one of the additional victims be a member of Dara’s Refugees, either Sergen Hall (son of a Knight of the Companion) or Wellum Smith (Great-grandson of a Hellrider).

Player Character Victim: Or if you have a Hellrider or Knight of the Companion PC, or a character with a blood relative that is an Elturian Knight, they could be a target instead. This might be a good way to ‘force’ a conclusion to the investigation if things are starting to drag or the players just can’t figure out what to do next.

The Bodies

All the bodies were picked up by the moon elf corpse carts from Candulhallow’s Mortuarium and taken back to their morgue in Lower City.

The PCs can discover this by asking Flame Darmin Zodge, Marsaadi Woodsoul (self apointed leader of the Refugee Camp), the victims’ families (who have been notified where their kin are being kept), or just by making general inquiries about where bodies are typically taken.

The Outer City victim’s bodies are dumped by Corian Khee, assassin of the Hamhock Slaughterhouse cell, who casts Darkness on herself then moves the body into place in the alley behind the Smilin’ Boar Tavern.

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