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To integrate the Outer City Muders into the Alexandrian Remix content, a number of the Remix’s nodes need to be changed. You should assume that any information here overwrites the Remix content, if there is conflicting information between the two.

Basilisk Gate

Flame Zodge will not permit the PCs or Dara’s Refugees entry into the city without first solving the Outer City Murders. He thinks the two sets of killings are connected but cannot prove it and the Flaming Fist are too busy dealing with the refugee crisis to properly investigate.

Flame Darmin Zodge

Flame Zodge should be changed to Lawful Good (rather than evil) and be genuinely trying to work for the best of Baldur’s Gate. In my mind he is something of a Comissioner Gordon, in the days before Batman shows up… one of the few uncorrupt cops in a city rife with corruption.

Appearance: A tall man, cleanly shaven with full armour. His helm is simple but expertly crafted and he proudly wears his badge marking him as a Flame (lieutenant) of the Flaming Fist of Baldur’s Gate. A great sword lies strapped across his back, nearly the height of a man.

Quote: “We Flaming Fist are a… diverse group of individuals. But there’s enough of us who truly want to make a difference in this city. To drag this city out of the fog and into the light.”


  • Zodge stands tall, with his hands confidently clasped behind himself.
  • Refers to the rank and title of those he addresses in full, always.
  • A proud and loyal member of the Flaming Fist, Zodge sees it his duty to inspire the organisation above corruption.

Background: Zodge is loyal first and foremost to Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard, then to Duke Dillard Portyr. He does not trust the other Dukes much at all.

He is somewhat besotted with Liara Portyr on her return from Chult.

Zodge saved Tarina (see Elfsong Tavern) from some burglary charges, in exchange for her becoming an informant against The Guild. He is trying to ensure that he pays her enough for her information that she doesn’t need to return to her life of crime.

Key Info:

  • Rumours of Elturel: Zodge is desperate to know what happened to Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard. He has heard that numerous dragons descended upon the city and razed it.
  • The State of Baldur’s Gate: The city is in chaos and the Flaming Fist is now leaderless. Zodge believes Blaze Liara Portyr is the right person to succeed Ravengard, but she is in distant Chult.
  • Refugee Crisis: Some blame the Elturians for Ravengard’s death, or think they have a secret agenda. Tensions are high and violence against them is common. The Flaming Fist are stretched thin just trying to keep the peace.
  • Outer City Murders:
    • Bodies are being dumped in the alleyways behind the Smilin’ Boar Tavern, in Norchapel over the past 6 days.
    • The bodies all have the same cause of death – two slashed wrists which run the length of the forearm.
    • A curled horn symbol is carved into the chest of the victims and they have acid burn marks on their entire back, heels, back of their heads and so forth.
    • Locals have dubbed the killer “The Sickle Man” and have convinced themselves it is a supernatural killer. There is no proof this is true.
    • He won’t tell them much about the Inner City Murders but will say he thinks they are connected and wants them to bring any evidence of this to him.
    • If they resolve the Outer City Murders, he will allow them and their refugee allies into the city – if they agree to be deputised and solve the Inner City Murders.
  • Inner City Murders:
    • These murders started the same day as the Outer City Murders, which he thinks cannot possibly be a coincidence.
    • There have been 5 murders so far (6 or possibly more by the time the Outer City Murders are solved).
    • The bodies are dumped in Insight Park.
    • There are few real leads right now, but Zodge is waiting on an informant to report in with some intel in the next couple of days.
    • GM Note: He will only share the below information after the PCs solve the Outer City Murders or bring him corroborating evidence from them.
    • Ritual symbols associated with the Dead Three are carved onto all of the Inner City victims. Zodge did not mention this before as they are trying to reduce panic of the possibility of the Dead Threes return.
    • The Flaming Fist informant is named Tarina. She has sent word to Zodge that she has a lead on the killings. Zodge wants the PCs to meet her at the Elfsong Tavern to find out what she knows. He gives them a bag with 10 platinum pieces with which to pay her for the information.

Stats: Veteran

Candulhallow’s Mortarium

If the PCs want to check the bodies of the Outer City Victims, they must gain Flame Zodge’s authorisation. He will assign 2 Fists as an ‘escort’ to ensure they only head to the Mortarium and return out of the Basilisk Gate.

Outer City Victims

All the victims have two massive slashes up their forearms which are clearly the cause of death.

The first two victims were unfortunately not preserved as evidence by the Mortarium. The first, Lauren Ulin was taken to be interred at the Cliffside Cemetery, while Mein Kass was taken for a pauper’s interment at the Shrine of the Suffering.

Ankheg Acid Burns

The bodies all have varying degrees of acid burns across their entire back, including the back of the head, buttocks, legs, and feet. These are strangely under their clothes, which are not similarly damaged, except to be torn open at the front to reveal a curled horn symbol carved into their chest.

The morticians have managed to collect a small amount of the acid, which is green and noxious.

GM Info: The leader of the cultists in the Outer City, Pasque, strips the victims to torture them with the acid. His sub-ordinate, Jaemus, carves the unholy symbol of Gargauth into their chests post-mortem and redresses them, leaving the symbol exposed.

Examining the acid sample

Intelligence (Nature) / Wisdom (Medicine):

DC 10 – It is an acid enzyme that seems incredibly caustic. From its viscosity and colouration, the enzyme is likely naturally occurring and possibly a means of attack or defence of a plant or animal.

DC15 – This is the acidic digestive enzyme of an Ankheg. However, ankheg acid is sprayed in concentrated blasts, or excreted as part of a bite and is not consistent with these full body wounds.

Ankhegs are a major pest for the outlying farms around the city, although some farmers are happy to tolerate them in small numbers due to their turning of soil during their burrowing.

Asking about where ankhegs are kept near Baldur’s Gate leads to the Hamhock Slaughterhouse – the only slaughterhouse which deals with butchering ankhegs.

Examining the curled horn symbol

This curled horn symbol is the same as the one found on Fessel’s body, which may make the need for a skill check redundant. However, if this check was failed previously, the PCs now have the opportunity to seek someone else who might be able to help them.

Intelligence (Religion):

DC5 – An unholy symbol of a devil.

DC10 – Specifically Gargauth’s symbol, an Arch-Devil.

DC20 – Gargauth is known as the Tenth Lord of the Nine or the Hidden Lord. They were once the treasurer of Hell but were exiled and stripped of rank long ago.

DC25 – They were exiled after forming an alliance with the Dark Gods (Bane, Bhaal, Loviatar and Talona) to invade hell and seize it. The plan failed and Asmodeus exiled them from the Nine Hells.

The Unholy Symbol of Gargauth

Amrik’s Agents

Finally, I have fleshed out the agents Amrik has in his employ. The Alexandrian Remix only names them, so I’ve given them a paragraph description each and listed their role within Amrik’s plans.

Amrik has different messengers for different locations, so that no one person knows about more than one cell of his operation. The exception is the Vanthampur Manor, which obviously everyone knows he deals with.

Petra Czismadia

Role: To visit the refugee camps outside the city and try to find anyone willing to pay Amrik’s fees to be smuggled into the city.

A dwarven woman in elaborate garb. She wears over two dozen necklaces, each of which seems to possess a different deities holy symbol. Petra pays lip service to basically any god which may listen and rearranges her many holy symbols almost constantly. She believes that Amrik is just smuggling in the Elturian’s for their money and that is why they ask them about their backgrounds – to milk the rich knights of Elturel and their relatives.

Botros Cloudfury

Role: Messenger, takes messages to the Hamhock Slaughterhouse.

An old male high elf, with short blonde hair and blue eyes, which combined with his pale white skin give him a somewhat angelic appearance. His attractive face is marred by the loss of his right ear, cut off in a gang fight almost a century ago. Botros always keeps score and is keen to pay off debts and extract his dues. He owes Amrik who saved him from Guild trouble recently and is happy to be working with him.


Role: Messenger, takes messages to The Bathhouse.

GM Note: Tarina knows of Neroni due to her frequent patronage at the Elfsong Tavern, and knows that she works for Amrik.

A female tiefling rogue with silky red skin and a lean build, yet her face is rather unremarkable. She is an alcoholic and is often found in the Elfsong Tavern and her over-confidence and the fact she gets bored easily often results in trouble. Neroni is only working with Amrik for the excitement of it all, she is not really keen on the whole business and is already looking for something else to do.


Role: Messenger, takes messages to The Poisoned Poseidon.

GM Note: Tarina has spotted Theophila delivering something to the Poisoned Poseidon, but hasn’t yet followed him to figure out where he is coming from and doesn’t know he works for Amrik.

A middle-aged human male with harsh features, accented by many facial piercings. He worked in the Grey Harbour before Amrik hired him, although he has been secretly worshipping Bane for most of his adult life. He rarely speaks and would rather act than talk (or think).

Apolena Giolla

Role: Messenger, takes messages to the Vanthampur Manor.

A non-binary half-elf with an auburn mohawk and golden skin. They are tall and pretty and a smile sits on their face almost regardless of the situation. They are perhaps too curious for their own good and have deduced that Amrik’s whole family is involved in whatever the Hells is going on, as Amrik often sends and receives messages to them. They aren’t sure yet whether they will end up blackmailing the family, or trying to become their invaluable ally – at a steep price.


Role: Carries out the Cliffgate Runs, to smuggles paying refugees into the city.

A middle aged lightfoot halfling woman. She is surprisingly muscular for a halfling and she is missing her left arm, which she claims was taken “Taken by the Demogorgon”, “Lost in a wrestling match with an owlbear” or other ridiculous claims. Ratnam thinks that Amrik is in over his head and believes that Mortlock Vanthampur is probably going to take over any day now. Mortlock might be disfigured, but he’s smarter than he looks, and people underestimate him.

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  1. My group leved the Flame Zodge. I presented to then the brutality of the flaming fist, but how zodge asked his men to take it easy on the refugees and be fair. They respect him just like a comissarie gordon lol

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