1.6 Assault on Stormshore Warehouse

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After the assassination of Duke Portyr in Remixing Avernus – Part 3J: Portyr Assassination the PCs learn that their refugee friends are in danger.

Rushing back to the Stormshore Warehouse where their refugee allies have been staying, the PCs (hopefully) have a few minutes to prepare their defences, before the Cult of Zariel attacks. Yet Dara, child leader of the refugees, is absent along with her guardian Ghorin and his goat Clyde.

Before they can search for them, the assault begins. The cultists open a portal to Avernus itself. Waves of devils pour out onto the streets of Baldur’s Gate, lead by an impossibly powerful pit fiend named Lucille. The devils sole purpose to kill the PCs and their refugee friends.

Just when hope seems lost, Dara and her friends return – only to be attacked by a lethal spell. However the true nature of Dara’s companions is revealed – Angels from the High Heavens who safeguard the Chosen of Ilmater.

The battle takes to the sky, as the angels and balor fight above the city streets, while the PCs and Dara seek to contain the devil invasion.

Once the battle is won, the mysterious planar merchant Fai Chen appears to take Dara and her newly revealed guardian angels into Hell itself to complete a holy quest. Ilmater himself has tasked his Chosen with restoring the lost souls of the Hellriders of Elturel.

Yet the PCs have a quest of their own, to seek vengeance on Duke Vanthampur and her family for their part in all of this.

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  1. Hello, new patron here, just chiming in before you are avalanched with messages that devils would not be serving lucille and I hope thats just a typo but also doesnt make sense.

    The cult should be opening a portal to avernus and devils should be pouring out as they are a devil worshipping cult, devils are the arch rivals to demons of course. So swapping out lucille for a pit fiend (which is what she actually is in DiA) is probably the easiest change to keep the continuity up!

    Thanks again!

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