Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus – Extra Content

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I’ll be back filling in these over time, so if an article isn’t linked yet I just haven’t got around to writing it yet!

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Additional Content

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Cities

Chapter 2: Elturel Has Fallen

  • Better the Vampire You Know

Chapter 3: Avernus

  • Dara’s Quest
  • The Adamantine Rod of Nine Parts
  • Kostchtchie’s Vanthampur Jailers

Chapter 4: Sword of Zariel

Chapter 5: Escape from Avernus

I’m sure more content will come as I progress through the campaign – so I will update this list retroactively.

Descent into Avernus is just over a year old as I write this blog post. It is a campaign of a dozen fantastic ideas, poorly connected and often lacking in coordination. This has been covered in depth by Justin Alexander over at his blog, in the Remixing Avernus series.

I will assume that anyone reading my content has at least read, if not fully incorporated, all of his Remix. It would probably also help to have read some of his other articles. I will link to any of them which are pertinent to my content as much as possible.

I’ve also become a Patreon of _PogS_ who releases fantastic maps, both for free in lower (but still totally usable) quality as well as in full quality for their Patreons.

The point of these articles is to provide content which utilises _PogS_ maps and Justin’s Remixed content, expanding upon it rather than replacing it. It also builds upon Adventure League modules and DM’s Guild content in places too.

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