Where the Machines Wait – Player Maps

Where the Machines Wait* is a D&D 5th Edition module by Monte Cooke Games, designed to introduce Numenera style elements to the 5e ruleset.

It includes seven different maps created by Hugo Solis, who has done a lot of cartography for Monte Cook Games products over the years. However, there are no Player versions of these maps available which remove the location labels…

As such, I have ‘Photoshopped’ the images, doing my best to remove them. While not pixel perfect by any means, they aren’t too bad if I do say so myself!

Even if you don’t plan on running this short module (you should) these maps might serve as great strange locations or even demiplanes. If you’re running Descent into Avernus you could place the Grave of the Machines in Avernus, as one of the transported cities there and add it to a hex!

Due to copyright concerns, I can’t just publish the maps here to download.

If you Contact Me and send proof of your purchase (store page receipt, photo of physical book including a piece of paper with ‘Sarainy’ and the date on it, that sort of thing), then I will send you a link to the files!

Contact Me with proof of purchase to get a download link

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