Vampire the Masquerade V5 Cheat Sheet

Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, commonly referred to as V5, is quite a departure from previous versions of Vampire. While some core parts of the rules are the same as before, the actual mechanics are quite different. This cheat sheet was written for just the core rulebook and the errata, so mechanics added in other… Continue reading Vampire the Masquerade V5 Cheat Sheet

1.6c – Dara’s Intervention

Devils are loose in Baldur’s Gate, attacking a warehouse en masse in broad daylight. A pit fiend, one of the most fearsome devil types to exist, is about to unleash hell upon the city streets. What hope have mortals got? Fortunately, the gods have not left events entirely in earthly hands. Setup As established in… Continue reading 1.6c – Dara’s Intervention

1.6b – Lucille’s Invasion

We established last time via the Assassin’s Handout that there will soon be a devil invasion into Baldur’s Gate. These devils are led by the pit fiend Lucille and seek to kill one of the PCs, Wellum Smith and Sergren Hall – all of whom are either current Elturian knights or their descendants. To do… Continue reading 1.6b – Lucille’s Invasion

Cypher System Range Map

While I love ‘Theatre of the Mind’ play, where there’s no gridded battlemap and everyone tries to picture the scene in their head… it sometimes just isn’t practical. There’s simply too many details for the players to keep in their minds accurately. Some games support playing mapless more than others, for example 4e D&D practically… Continue reading Cypher System Range Map