1.3a Bad Fortunes

As a reminder, the idea here isn’t necessarily to use all of the events I’m posting. In fact I didn’t when running my game. Just highlight the tone, NPCs and problems that you and your players will find most interesting. I’ve had a couple people ask me, “So why bother prepping them at all?” Well…… Continue reading 1.3a Bad Fortunes

1.3c Day 3 and 4 The Liar

Day 3 Morning: Fessel’s Body Overview After Alyssa’s arrival last night the refugees are probably going to want to find Fessel’s body. It turns out he was killed by devil cultists, although why wont be obvious at this point. GM Note: It was because he was a son of a Hellrider, he was tracked and… Continue reading 1.3c Day 3 and 4 The Liar

1.3b Day 2 Fort Morninglord

Day 2 Morning: Far From Home Overview The journey continues the next morning, as the wagons make their way towards Baldur’s Gate. Wellum conducts a ritual of his people and asks others about their homelands. Setup In the distance looms Fort Morninglord, an Order of the Companion camp beside it next to the river Chionthar.… Continue reading 1.3b Day 2 Fort Morninglord

1.3 Journey to Baldur’s Gate: Setup and Day 1

So we now have our refugees, and have them integrated with the next step of the PCs story – Get to Baldur’s Gate, the nearest place of safety and figure out what is going on. But how do we do that? Sure you could handwave it in a sentence, “You travel with the refugee wagons… Continue reading 1.3 Journey to Baldur’s Gate: Setup and Day 1