Ptolus Campaign Themes

Note: These articles will contain spoilers for Ptolus.

Ptolus is a sprawling city, packed to the brim with evocative locations, interesting characters and compelling plot hooks. So how exactly do you even begin to run a game in such a developed and dense location?

Well, Monte Cook’s advice is to weave together a campaign using a ‘Campaign Theme’.

“…the material is there; the GM just has to organize it.”

‘Weaving a Campaign’ – Ptolus for Cypher System page 540

Campaign Themes

The Ptolus book outlines a few different themes calling out locations, characters and hooks which fit that respective theme. They are a loose collection of thoughts however and not something to follow ‘as is’.

Over the next couple of articles, I will further expand upon these Campaign Themes with my suggestions on how you could make each of them a full campaign.

There’s a few one paragraph ideas in the sidebar of page 544 too. These are much less fleshed out but are great inspiration. I won’t be writing articles about these themes, unless my Patrons specifically want me to.

  • The Holy War
  • War With the Barbarians
  • The Magic Campaign
  • The Political Campaign

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