Summoned Creatures in Avernus

In my previous article about Summoned Creatures in 5e D&D I talked about how you might want to create custom summoning tables for specific adventure locales in order to push the areas themes. Of course as someone currently creating extra content for Descent into Avernus I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do so for Avernus!… Continue reading Summoned Creatures in Avernus

Devil Deals – Bargain-Basement Death Saves

One of the optional rules in Chapter 3: Avernus is Bargain Basement Death Saves (page 78, Descent into Avernus). The concept is that if a character fails a Death Saving Throw in the Nine Hells, an archdevil may telepathically contact them and offer to save them from death if they agree to do some undisclosed… Continue reading Devil Deals – Bargain-Basement Death Saves