1.5c Changed Nodes

To integrate the Outer City Muders into the Alexandrian Remix content, a number of the Remix’s nodes need to be changed. You should assume that any information here overwrites the Remix content, if there is conflicting information between the two. Basilisk Gate Flame Zodge will not permit the PCs or Dara’s Refugees entry into the… Continue reading 1.5c Changed Nodes

1.5b Outer City Murder Victims

There have been six victims over the past two-tendays. Each body was found in the alley behind the Smilin’ Boar Tavern. The first victim Laurens Ulin has been interred in the Cliffside Cemetery, while the second, Mien Kaas, was buried at Shrine of the Suffering. After the first two victims Flame Darmin Zodge got involved… Continue reading 1.5b Outer City Murder Victims

1.5a Revelation Lists

Revelation lists are a technique created by Justin Alexander. You can read all about them in his article Using Revelation Lists. The basic summary is that there’s a whole load of ‘things’ to be discovered during an investigation. Most importantly are the Concept Solve revelations, which are pieces of key information gained by carrying out… Continue reading 1.5a Revelation Lists

1.5 The Outer City Murders

The Outer City Murders should take place directly following The Journey to Baldur’s Gate. Descent into Avernus, by the book, starts now – at the entrance to Baldur’s Gate. Flame Zodge of Basilisk Gate forces the PCs to work for the Flaming Fist to stop a group of occult murders or be hunted and murdered… Continue reading 1.5 The Outer City Murders