Rusted Veins Remix – Part 1: Primer

Vampire the Masquerade is a rich setting with lore spanning back decades. While the 5th edition of the game has taken great strides towards simplifying the current state of the lore, there are still a lot of details that are incredibly useful for newer players to understand. Putting together a simple ‘primer’, a type of… Continue reading Rusted Veins Remix – Part 1: Primer

Rusted Veins V5 Remix

Rusted Veins was the playtest chronicle (scenario) for Vampire 5th edition originally released at GenCon 2017. It later got released as part of the public alpha playtest rules later in the year. It isn’t directly compatible with the release version of V5, as a number of playtest mechanics were replaced, removed, or streamlined between the… Continue reading Rusted Veins V5 Remix