Rusted Veins V5 Remix

Rusted Veins was the playtest chronicle (scenario) for Vampire 5th edition originally released at GenCon 2017. It later got released as part of the public alpha playtest rules later in the year.

It isn’t directly compatible with the release version of V5, as a number of playtest mechanics were replaced, removed, or streamlined between the playtest content and the full game.

Yet Rusted Veins still serves as a great introductory chronicle for V5. This is especially important considering the newer introductory scenario The Monsters* is overly long, intentionally confusing, and has a terrible flashback sequence before a lame conclusion.

Unfortunately Rusted Veins is unavailable for public download anymore. The alpha playtest PDF was removed from the DriveThruRPG storefront and there’s no legal way of obtaining it.

As such I’ve completely rewritten the chronicle, updating it to use the full V5 ruleset, remaking all the pregenerated characters (including 4 new ones), adding discoverable background information tables, and collected SPC listings. You do not need the playtest PDF to run this content, everything you need is in the articles.

Rusted Veins is a mostly linear adventure except for the conclusion, but I actually consider that an advantage for an introductory one-shot. Even a brand-new Storyteller and players should be able to run this chronicle without issue.

Mature Content Warning: Vampire, and this content, includes some rather messed up things. Extreme violence, drugs, unlawful imprisonment, corrupt authority figures, abuse of power, domestic violence, mental illness, and many other topics are touched upon. The individuals in these articles are horrific monsters but that doesn’t mean you should be. Respect yourself and each other. Please be careful and ensure you use safety tools at your table.

The TTRPG Safety Toolkit is a resource co-curated by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk. The TTRPG Safety Toolkit is a compilation of safety tools that have been designed by members of the tabletop roleplaying games community for use by players and GMs at the table.

Additional Content

Rusted Veins Remix

  • Part 1: Primer
  • Part 2: Storyteller Info
  • Part 3: Pregenerated Characters
  • Part 4: Background Info Checks
  • Part 5: Scene 1 — Character Prologues
  • Part 6: Scene 2 — Drug Deal Gone Bad
  • Part 7: Scene 3 — Contact with Modius
  • Part 8: Scene 4 — Traveling Salesman
  • Part 9: Scene 5 — Fallout
  • Part 10: SPC List for Rusted Veins
  • Part 11: Continuing a Rusted Veins Chronicle
  • Part 12: Rusted Veins V5 Remix Session Recap

The final epilogue scene of the playtest version has the players controlling very important kindred Primogen (leaders) in nearby Chicago. They are meant to roleplay these Primogen reacting to the events of the scenario.

I’ve completely removed this aspect, as I feel it overly extends the scenario and ultimately would be better served as an introduction to a follow up session should you wish to continue the chronicle further, which will be discussed in Part 11.

Finally Part 12 will be an after action report of my own experience running the game for 5 players new to Vampire the Masquerade.

I’ll be back filling in these articles over time, so if an article isn’t linked yet I just haven’t got around to writing it yet!

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