Rusted Veins Remix – Part 2: Storyteller Info

Rusted Veins Remix Table of Contents

The following information provides a high-level overview of the entire chronicle. You probably want this front and centre when you are running the session as it’s helpful to reference throughout every scene.

The following info is a very basic run down of the city of Gary, the coterie (the PC group), Prince Modius, Baron Juggler, the other supporting Storyteller Player Characters (SPCs, or NPCs as every other system calls them!), the default objectives for the scenario and the list of scenes.

If pressed you could probably improvise the entire chronicle based purely on this content — which might be an interesting format for creating future chronicles, but I digress!

Gary, Indiana

  • A shithole city on the outskirts of Chicago on the bank of Lake Michigan.
  • Used to be a powerhouse of the American steel industry. Since the 60s the industry left and nothing new came to take its place.
  • Full of homeless junkies and the downtrodden.
  • Most vampires in Gary are either Unaffiliated or true Anarchs.
  • Juggler and Modius have engaged in private war for decades, possibly centuries.

The Coterie

  • The Coterie are potentially a mix of Camarilla, Anarchs or the Unaffiliated.
  • The only thing really binding them is their shared home, as they are all from the Northside of Gary, near to where the deal is taking place.

“Prince” Modius (Camarilla)

  • The Camarilla nominally holds the city.
  • Mockingly named “Pauper Prince” Modius.
  • His court is largely empty these nights.

“Baron” Juggler (Anarch)

  • The Anarch head is a self-styled Baron who comes from Italy.
  • Not all the Anarchs of Gary follow Juggler’s rule. They are definitely true Anarchs, they just don’t feel that Juggler is the best person to lead them.

Supporting Cast

“Chacho” (Glen Park 45ers)

  • Trading $20k for Modius’ heroin
  • Backed up by his mouthy subordinates Loot and Tamira, and 12 other gangers.

Palusinski (Corrupt Police)

  • Corrupt cop sent to disrupt the deal and steal the cash and drugs.
  • Works with 5 other corrupt cops.

Sullivan Dane (True Faith Hunter)

  • Lone hunter who possesses True Faith, as well as a trench coat and big nodachi sword.

Bronwyn the “Travelling Salesman” (The Circulatory System)

  • Malkavian member of ‘The Circulatory System’, a Kindred group based out of Chicago who trade in human vessels with unique blood.
  • Has a ghoul valet named Emmanuel.

Evelyn Stephens, Seb, and Bricks (Juggler’s Anarchs)

  • Juggler’s muscle, likely to cause trouble and try to disrupt Modius getting the ‘special’ vessel.
  • Evelyn is hid Childe and has been by his side for decades.

Kenny* (Important Touchstone)

  • In the back of Bronwyn’s van is a major Touchstone character, kidnapped and kept as a vessel for the exceptional power of their blood.
  • Their blood allows the drinker to appear fully human, for a night.

* Swap Kenny to a different Touchstone character if you don’t have someone playing Zion and/or One-Round.

Make sure you pick one before Scene 1 – Character Prologues to ensure they aren’t used for those scenes.

The Objective

  • Modius has hired the Coterie to carry out a drug deal for him.
  • They are to take two duffel bags of Heroin to the closed Endron automobile manufacturing plant on the Northside of Gary.
  • The drugs are to be sold for $20k to the gangers known as “The Glen Park 45ers”.
  • Afterwards they are to call Modius and arrange delivery of the cash.
  • He will have another task once the money is in hand. The coterie is to go and purchase a special vessel from the “Travelling Salesman” at the ruined Methodist Church as 577 Washington Street using the $20k cash.
  • Modius doesn’t care that some of the Coterie are known Anarchs. They are muscle and either way they help the Camarilla cause — by completing the job or by dying in the process.
  • The Coterie must decide what to do with the Touchstone vessel.


  1. Character Prologues
  2. Drug Deal Gone Bad
  3. The Cops of Gary
  4. Contact with Modius
  5. The Travelling Salesman
  6. Fallout

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